As you'll know if you've read the earlier blog, my friend Debbie Scott Anderson (who is a climate change and gardening guru and blogger) and I attended the recording of Gardeners' Question Time recorded at the Kensington Roof Gardens and aired for the first time today. Amazingly we were both selected to ask our questions so it has been a nervous wait since then to see if either or both of us made it into the finished programme - and we both did! Very happy making.

They completely changed the order of the questions from the order they were asked. Having been Q5 I have become Q1 and Debbie (who was Q2) now comes after Bunny Guiness' tour of the Roof Gardens and they left out at least two of the questions answered on the day.

The whole event has been full of co-incidences. My Quality Garden Videos colleague, Mike Purdy and I have an introduction to Matthew Wilson (which we haven't taken up yet) and, who should be on the panel but Matthew Wilson. And then in the answer to my question Anne Swithenbank mentioned Highdown Gardens in Sussex where Mike and I had been filming only two days before - see the finished video below.

And then, not only did Debbie and I get selected to ask questions, we both make the cut.

So, if you miss the repeat on Sunday at 2.00pm you can listen to it at the link below on BBC i-player.

Gardeners' Question Time


Quality Garden Videos

We exist to bring gardens alive, on video, in a creative and effective way - to tell their stories.

We don't care how small or large a garden is, or where it is. It might be a private garden or one open to the public. Whichever, we can help.

Private gardens

It might be your garden. It might be a friend or relative's garden. There might be a big birthday or anniversary to celebrate. You might open your garden for charity. You or they may be moving house. Whichever, capturing the garden on video will add value to a property and will be something everyone will love.

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Open gardens

Many open garden websites don't have any video at all. If they do, they don't seem to be aimed at plant and garden lovers. The majority are historical reproductions of the family/household in days gone by, 'fun day out for the family' videos, or 'How to...' videos.

If you are the owner, gardener or trustee of a fabulous garden open to the public please get in touch. For a minimal cost we can transform the way you present your garden to visitors on your website. And copies of videos on DVD or USB stick can also help to raise further money for the garden or charity.

As an example of one way to approach it, below is a profile we've created of the amazing chalk garden, Highdown Gardens, near Worthing in West Sussex. It is created in a "third party", journalistic style, but your video could have no presenter, or you, a designer or gardener presenting or being interviewed -  or simply a voice-over. The options are endless.

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Things to think about

Below are two documents you might find helpful to read. They tell you about the work involved in making a garden video, suggest a number of things to think about to plan your video, and give an idea of costs. They are in pdf format so you can easily print them off.

Pdf Document 'Introducing Quality Garden Videos'

Pdf Document 'Ideas for creating a garden story on video + budget planning'