Cistus purpureus 'Alan Fradd'

I loved this Cistus. I planted it underneath the Rowan tree in the pink bed and it grew large and flowered profusely. However, over five years or so it got so big it meant I had little space for all the other plants I wanted to plant. So, with regret I removed it and that area of the bed has never been the same since. It is under the Rowan tree and so new, young plants find it hard to thrive because of the shade, the detritus from the bird feeders and the dogs. The Buddleja is sort of in the same place but I don't love it as much.

Additional Info

  • Name: Cistus
  • Type: purpureus
  • Variety: 'Alan Fradd'
  • Colour: White/purple
  • Bed: Pink
  • Failed: No
  • Year: 2003 -2008