Clematis 'Carnaby'

Striped pinky purple with white edges, best in shade to keep its colours. I think I have over-pruned this so need to give it more of a chance before I have a verdict. The label and online instructions vary. Apparently it is Group 2 but only needs a light prune after flowering and flowers on old season's growth. Some say it is a short variety for pots with normal Group 2 pruning, the label says June to August, 2.5 metres with restricted pruning. These two things don't make Clematis sense, so it is a little confusing. Apologies for the somewhat raggedy picture. The first flush is just going over.

Additional Info

  • Name: Clematis
  • Type: Group 2?
  • Variety: Carnaby
  • Colour: Pink.white striped
  • Bed: Veg
  • Failed: No
  • Year: 2011