Digitalis 'Illumination Pink'

I love foxgloves but they seem to come and go. This one supposedly is a perennial foxglove so in 2012 I planted one in the ground and one in a pot to see how they performed. They were both very striking with pink outer and spotted yellow/pink white interior flowers. It responds well to deadheading and throws up new flower heads, flowering all Summer and tends to be multi-stemmed.

Over winter I did nothing to the one in the veg bed and the one in the pot was left outdoors but kept pretty dry.

And, lo and behold in 2013, even though the one in the pot looked pretty manky, I tidied it up, watererd it and it is now covered in five flower spikes. The one in the bed is also coming up but is slower (it's in the shade). I am thrilled because it is a lovely foxglove and the recent Which?Garden report on best foxgloves didn't include it because theirs hadn't repeated!

Additional Info

  • Name: Digitalis
  • Variety: 'Illumination Pink'
  • Colour: Pinky orange
  • Bed: Veg and pot
  • Failed: No
  • Year: 2012