The brief

The brief for my new back garden was:

  • a modern, “country style” garden in a small London space
  • different areas;
    • room to entertain
    • a pond with moving water for sound and wildlife
    • separate large beds to allow me to create substantial borders and to have hot colours (reds, oranges, yellows etc) as well as classic pinks, purples, blues and whites in the same space
    • a working area with a greenhouse, shed, compost maker and water butts
    • space to relax and contemplate it
  • highly scented for me and the wildlife
  • have height so I could grow things upwards
  • be in flower and scent for as much of the year as possible
  • allow as wide a range of plants as possible
  • be curvy and soft not hard and square looking
  • stone and gravel to be light and warm coloured
  • include art
  • having lighting plus power to the shed and greenhouse
  • and be as eco-friendly and chemical free as possible.