Rosa 'Compassion'

This was planted in memory of a beautiful young man who was killed too young in a tragic accident. He was the son of my Mum's best friend from school, Jo, who I have appointed as my 'honorary' godmother because she is simply fantastic company and a plant fanatic. She is actually godmother to one of my four brothers which is a total waste for both of them, so I have claimed her. She is however, in my humble opinion, somewhat too obsessed by dark purple plants! 

R. Compassion has beautiful dark green, shiny foliage and beautiful peachy pink flowers in an old fashoned, square/round shape. It repeats all season and has a lovely fragrance. I have moved it twice since I planted it. It has survived the moves and now, finally, it is thriving and blooming profusely on the square arch across my side passage with the Lonicera americana, the Wisteria and Rosa 'Lord Byron'.

Additional Info

  • Name: Rosa
  • Type: climbing
  • Variety: 'Compassion' AGM
  • Colour: Peachy pink
  • Bed: Terrace
  • Failed: No
  • Year: 2009